Monday, February 9


Life of a Makeup Artist be like. Oh, hey! So it's been a great damn while hasn't it. I know I've been busy, I mean really busy. Okay, no I lied but it feels like it. So I kinda really want to get back into the blogging game. Maybe like for real this time? If you guys remember... I used to be a overnight waitress, sleep for 3 hours and get my ass to cosmetology school. Well guess what, that's over. Thank god! *praising god emoji* I'm kind of getting my career together which has been kind of super cool. Doing dope ass shoots, working with bomb ass photographers and meeting great damn people. Life is coming together. If I do say so myself *singing voice*.

So you guys want to like hear what I want to bring ya kids, posts, personal posts, behind the scene posts, outfit posts, vlogs and guess what else YOUTUBE. Bring on your request pretty's. Let's begin this fun! Oh + keep updated with my life on Instagram - @missalyssacruz no literally I IG everything. Kind of. Not in like the annoying way. Ya know?

Monday, October 13


Friday morning I decided I would [Vlog] my day. When you finish watching the video you can obviously see that I clearly suck at actually filming my whole day. So….props to these youtubers that do this on the daily. That being said, I tried recording my day at a shoot I did in the city for a friend and a school project! It was a lot of fun and a very bold fashion editorial look. I can't wait to see final images. 
This whole vlogging/blogging thing is a start and I look forward to coming up with perfect content for you lovelys to look forward to! Bring on the new year! Wait…it's clearly not new years yet. 

Sunday, October 12


What my life be like lately. Quick update. Finished cosmetology school, bunch of free time, scheduling shoots, building up the portfolio, being a freelance makeup artist is a hustle. Follow me on [Instagram] to keep up with my mess @missalyssacruz 
Anyway, that being said. With a bunch of free time now. I think this may be the time to officially start up my blog again. Bring in the Beauty posts, Hair posts, Lifestyle post, Vlogs, the whole shabang. I want to come back big. I want you to enjoy reading my post. I want to be able to help you guys with any beauty, fashion, hair questions you have. Let's do this!